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On their regular morning walk to the gym, Stephanie Michaels and Jill Bryman discussed their annoyance at having to juggle in two hands: keys, water bottles, supplements, cell phones, ID’s and gym membership cards. Mid-conversation, Michaels had her “Aha moment.” She had an idea for a water bottle that doubled as storage for these cumbersome items. Serendipitously, Bryman had just the business background to get it built. So, these two, busy moms (both already crazed running other businesses) found time to map out a concept, design and logo – and in less than four months the first prototypes for SPORT+STORE were created.

One of the first challenges the friends, now partners, faced was that they wanted the bottle to be ergonomically designed and environmentally safe. Through several phases, SPORT+STORE evolved to have original features like the unique storage reservoir, the twist top, anti-spill cap, the lightweight stainless steel and more.

Bryman, whose own household boasts two hybrid cars and an organic garden, says, “I believe that any small change people can make in their daily habits adds up to benefit the planet – SPORT+STORE reusable bottles offer an alternative to the millions of plastic bottles and paper cups that are discarded daily.”

“We are proud to have created something that so logically solves a common problem and, on a larger level, helps the environment and contributes to the health of our families,” adds Michaels. “It’s also so rewarding to see something you dreamt up become a reality.”

What’s next on the agenda for these two savvy entrepreneurs? New SPORT+STORE bottles for children, pets, and an insulated version for hot beverages. In addition, look for a dedicated effort to some key water related charities. The future is sure to hold more innovative products that will have consumers saying “H2-OMG!”

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